Maximize Your Marketing ROI

with professional marketing from Evans Marketing Automation

The Ultimate ROI

How much time do you spend nurturing leads? Days? Weeks? Now it's all done for you. By experts, nonetheless. Instant nurturing, 24/7, via email, text and social media. And you never even have to lift a finger (yes, we even set it up for you).

What You Get

  • Expert-designed landing page builds credibility and captures lead information

  • Hand-crafted lead nurture series warms up leads

  • Automatic reach-out to leads on major holidays keeps your name top of mind

  • Full-service email and SMS marketing platform eliminates separate expense

  • Automated data capture immediately sends you new leads and adds them to database for future marketing

  • Fully automated landing page with your own optional domain name keeps your brand intact

All starting at a $199 startup fee, then just $20 per month.

Professional? Very.

Each landing page and email is expertly designed by a well-qualified specialist. Our lead nurture series is expertly crafted by a marketing MBA and tailored (by hand) for your business.

Affordable? Extremely.

Our automation package is designed to maximize your ROI. We never overcharge. Your cost starts at just a $199 setup fee, then $20/month. No surprises, no outrageous bills. Just professional, affordable service, the way it should be.